Where should movement joints be installed in a small bathroom?


Where are the best locations for movement joints in a small bathroom remodel. Sun is not a factor. All inside corners? Perimeter of tub? Using 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 inch glazed tile. Where wall meets the floor? Thank you.


ANSWERYes, movement joints, sometimes referred as expansion joints, should be at all plane transitions and where there are transitions from different substrates and materials.   Door thresholds, wall penetrations around escutcheons, and light fixtures also should have resilient joints.   As long as you don’t have any spans longer than 20’ you don’t need in any the field.   Of course the showers have to be properly designed and constructed to ensure proper waterproofing and performance.

We do have a free download on our www.CTaSC.com website to help home owners and specifiers understand what needs to be done to ensure a successful installation.  Click on the following link for that information:  https://ctasc.com/2016/07/free-installation-guidelines/

For larger projects you consider retaining our services to evaluate suitability of materials for specific applications and to prepare architectural installation specifications that includes quality assurance testing and quality control processes.   Or if you have problems we do provide forensic services to investigate causes of problems and determine how best to remediate the problems.

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