What Tile is good for a basement that Floods?


What Tile is good for a basement that Floods? Flood resistent tile? Hi we live in NJ in an area with a high water table. We are water can come into the house once or twice a year if a power outage prevents our sump pump from working. I condiering tile for the basement floor instead of carapet. Is there a recommended kind of tile, that would withstand mold if wet in a floor?


ANSWER - A glazed porcelain ceramic tile if installed correctly would be very resistant to water. If there is hydrostatic water pressure, meaning water from the ground is pushing up through the basement concrete slab then that could be problematic. If that isn't a concern then you can apply a special tile waterproof membrane over the concrete slab and then install tile over it with a thin-set mortar. If the tile is installed correctly then it should perform well with floods. The ceramic tile and cement based adhesive (thin-set mortar) does not promote the growth of mold.

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    • Donato Pompo says:

      If you have hydrostatic water pressure then you need to redirect it away from the house. Depending on where the source of the water is coming from, often what is done is trench drains are installed around the outside perimeter of the building to allow the water to be redirected into drains away from the building.

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