What products do I use to install tile in my Travel Trailer Home - Motor Home?


Hello! I just bought the cutest little Airstream Bambi and have plans to customize. I want to tile the bathroom, and was wondering what application product you would recommend (mortar)? I know it needs to be industrial strength, or able to withstand cold and hot temperatures unlike a house. Any recommendations? Thank you!!!


ANSWER - To determine what adhesive to use to install a time you need to determine what is the substrate.  You need to know what type of tile you are going to install.  In Trailer Homes or Motor Homes a main concern is to make sure that the substrate you are going to install tile over is sturdy and doesn't have excessive deflection.  You need to make sure you install movement joints at the perimeter of the tile areas and fill those perimeter joints with an ASTM C920 sealant such as 100% silicone.   It would be better to use a pre-mix grout that is more resilient and resistant to vibration.    The appropriate adhesive should have higher flexural strength such as the ones that meet ANSI A118.15.

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