What kind of Glass Tile can I use on my Counter top?


What kind of Glass Tile can I use on my Counter top? I found a glass tile I love. I would like to use it on a bar top but have been told that is a bad idea because it scratches easily and could chip easily. Could I lay the glass tile on the bar top and then cover it with epoxy? Is that possible and would it protect it from chipping and scratching?


ANSWER - There are different types of glass tile. Cast glass tiles and fused glass tiles generally are not prone to chipping and scratching, but of course any tile can chip and scratch under the wrong conditions. So if the manufacturer of the glass tile is saying they are not suitable for a bar top application then you have to assume they are correct. I would not coat it with epoxy or any type of coating. That is not likely to make them more chip or scratch resistant. I would take a harden sheet of glass, like what would be used on a coffee table and put it over the glass tiles that you want to use. Good Luck.

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