What do I have to do to Install porcelain tile over a Stucco Wall finish?


Hi, I want to install porcelain tile over stucco to get a contemporary clean look but I am not sure how the stucco will hold up the porcelain tiles. I considered sandblasting the stucco or installing chicken wire on the stucco or even installing hardy backer on the stucco. I need your help figuring the best option to start my project. Please let me know.
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ANSWER - First of all you can't install directly to exterior stucco wall without first removing the stucco.  Stucco is a weak cementitious material and too weak to bond tile to.

You can sandblast or even water blast it off.  Be careful with water blasting because you might discover some leaks or cause leaks with too much pressure.

You could put up metal lath and screw to studs and then float a scratch and mortar bed application, which gives you the best surface if you know what you are doing.  You could glue and screw Hardibacker board or other exterior tile backer board over the stucco and to the studs.  You need to make sure you shim the backer board to be plumb on the wall.  You might what to apply a liquid waterproof/crack isolation membrane over the mortar bed or Hardibacker board.  The membrane will help minimize potential efflorescence staining.  Be sure to properly waterproof and flash all windows and transitions.  Use an ASTM C920 silicone sealant at all transitions that is compatible with the other materials.

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