What can I use to darken limestone rock?


Is it possible to darken limestone rock which I want to use for a rockery cascade on the edge of a wildlife pond? Whatever I use would have to be safe for wildlife. I would like to achieve a medium grey slate colour to match the existing rocks. I would be very grateful for your advice on what to use if, indeed, it is possible. The limestone is Longstone rock.


Answer:  There are sealers that will darken natural stone and give it a wet look.  They are called enhancers.  They make the stone water resistant too.  There are surface sealers, which I wouldn't recommend as they are more prone to pealing over time.  I would use the penetrating type of enhancer sealers.  They will wear over time so you might have to reapply every year or so depending on the conditions that the stone is subjected to.

You can go on our website to the Cleaners and Sealers resource section to see some of the companies who produce sealers for stone.  Click here: Cleaners and Sealers

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