Wet Look Is there a product or treatment to give us a wet look?


"Wet Look" - We recently installed porcelain tile in our showers which has a natural slate look. We like the look of it when the tile is wet better and wanted to know if there is a product or treatment out there can give us this wet look all the time.


ANSWER - There are sealers called "enhancers" that will give natural stone and unglazed ceramic tiles a wet look or darker look.

Unglazed (through-body) Porcelain tile is considered impervious and does not absorb much, although these enhancers might work to some degree. The enhancers tend to work better on more porous material.

By the way, if your porcelain tile is a glazed porcelain tile (meaning it has a glass-like substance on the surface called a glaze) then the enhancer will not work because the glaze does not have enough porosity.

You need to check with the manufacturer of the sealer enhancer to determine their recommendations, limitations and warranties for porcelain tiles. Go to our website at www.CTaSC.com to Expert Answers to find Resources and click on Cleaners and Sealers for links to some of the major manufacturers of sealers.

It is my experience that when you apply a sealer of this type that you want to wipe it dry with a lint-free cloth soon after you apply it to remove any excess the tile has not absorbed. Otherwise the surface may remain tacky.

The enhancer will wear over time and may require additional applications.

Good Luck!

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