Stone that was Installed doesn't match the Samples


Stone that was Installed doesn't match the Samples - My spouse and I had Crema Marfil marble tiles installed in our ensuite bathroom (residential home). The tiles (over 50%) have black spots or patches (see photos attached). In selecting the Crema Marfil marble tiles, none of the display boards or samples provided to us contained any of the black patches. Thus, we fully expected that the Crema Marfil marble installed would have no black patches. We are of the opinion the tiles should not contain these black spots and the tiles are either defective or sub-standard quality and are not suitable for use in a residential application. We would appreciate your comments on the tiles (& black spots/patches) We believe the defect which is evident is known as "colour patches".


ANSWER - If the black spots on the creama marfil tiles were installed in that condition and appear to be a mineral component of that stone then it would be assumed that is characteristic of that source of stone.  It doesn't mean it is defective, but it certainly may be considered undesirable and substandard in appearance.  It is possible for stone that has been subjected to excessive moisture to develop microbial spots, so I am assuming that is not the case in this situation.

Stone being a nature made product can come in all sorts of conditions that may or may not be desirable.  Even though the geological classification of two different stone sources are the same, they can be significantly different in appearance and in their physical properties.

Generally speaking creama marfil, which is actually a limestone, does not have dark spots.

Because natural stone is expected to vary in color and other visual characteristics the industry standard of care is that samples should be shown to the buyer that represents the range of that particular supply of stone they are purchasing.  If the samples shown on display or that were approved prior to installation did not have the dark spots, then supplying the stone with dark spots would not be reasonable.   Good luck.

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