Should both sides of my granite backsplash be smooth and shinny?


I recently added a granite splash back to my free standing sink, that I should have done in the first place. They measured and applied a 4" splash on the existing granite. When the installer came with the granite he noticed they had not finished both sides. He came back several hours later and installed it. The front side looks great smooth and shinny, but the other side looks paler and has more rough spots. Shouldn't both sides look the same? Is there anything I can do?


Answer - I will assume that when you say both sides of the 4" tall granite backsplash you are talking about the front side which you will see, and the back side that is bonded to the wall that you will not see.

The only sides of the granite backsplash that should be smooth and polished are the sides that are exposed after it is installed.  That would be the front side, the top edge and one or both end edges.

The back side should not be smooth and polished.  It should be slightly rough so that it will bond better to the wall substrate.

4 thoughts on “Should both sides of my granite backsplash be smooth and shinny?

  1. Donato Pompo says:

    Granite slabs always come with only one side polished. If you want the back side polished then it has to be requested and the fabricator will charge extra for that.

  2. Dan says:

    The top edge of my backsplash has a small nick in it. Can anything be done i.e. filler to
    make the nick smooth?? Thank you, Dan.

    • Donato Pompo says:

      I assuming you are referring to having a natural granite back splash. It is possible for a qualified stone fabricator to match chips using an epoxy resin with granite dust and colorant. To do it correctly a professional should do the work to patch it and then afterwards repolish that spot so it blends in with the rest of the stone.

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