Sealer left a white coating on my tile


Sealer Turning White - I put a sealer on my tile floor that was just installed, it has left a white coating on the tile. How do I clean the the white film off without stripping the sealer off completely?


ANSWER - There are a lot of variables in your situation and it is difficult to give you a clear recommendation on the limited information you provided.

You should go to the manufacturer of the sealer and ask them what to do, because they may have experience on what has caused the condition and how to remediate it.

I have to assume that you have an unglazed tile.  Sometimes if non-breathable sealers are applied over damp material or if the substrate below the tile has a lot of moisture it can cause a cloudy white appearance on the tile.  If that is the case then you do have to strip the sealer off to allow it to dry if the moisture problem is temporary.

If the whitish look in the sealer is due to a contaminate on the surface or moisture on the surface, you can experiment by taking more of the same sealer and applying it over the tile and let it sit for few minutes and then rub to loosen up the sealer on the surface.  Then immediately get a dry lint free cloth and buff the tile surface dry.  See of that will take the white appear away.   Good Luck.

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