Replacement tiles for old Franciscan Interpace series 200


Looking for Old Ceramic Tile - I see you were with Franciscan. My father in law tiled his kitchen 30 years ago with Franciscan Interpace series 200. The color looks like an avacado. Do you know where he could get replacement tiles and trim pieces?


ANSWER - Use to be a company on San Fernando Road in Los Angeles, CA named P & E Tile Co. who bought out a lot of the old Franciscan tile.  Their phone number use to be 323-221-1193.

There is a tile manufacturer located in our resources and links section at Tile Manufacturers ( called B & W tile who use to make all of the old tile trims and would custom match old colors.

Good Luck!

3 thoughts on “Replacement tiles for old Franciscan Interpace series 200

  1. Sharron Sussman says:

    Trying to find replacement tiles for the damaged ones in my house in Julian CA. Franciscan Terrafloor by Interpace (Interpage?) 12-22-72 Sent photos & email but not sure they arrived.

    • Donato Pompo says:

      There was Franciscan Terra Floor tile. Interpace was the owner of the factory at one time after Gladding McBean sold to them. Interpace sold to Wedgewood and Wedgewood closed the plant down. It is long gone. No easy way to know if some body somewhere has any and of course there were many different patterns and colors and sizes.

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