Polishing Marks on Polished Stone left haze stripes on floor


Polishing Marks on Polished Stone - I have a 24 x 24 polished stone tile installed in a residence where they have windows along one side of the house. When you step back and look at the floor at a 30-45 degree angle, you notice ‘hazy stripes’ in the floor. Probably belt marks from manufacturing. I have gone through all the testing materials and don’t really see anything regarding ‘polish’. Any ideas where I might find anything?


ANSWER - If it is polishing wheel marks from fabrication per the Marble Institute of America Dimension Stone Design Manual (MIA) it is unacceptable to have polishing wheel marks or other scratches caused during fabrication on honed or polsihed stone.  It could be a haze from the thin-set adhesive that may not have been properly cleaned off of the tile too.  Good luck.

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