Need sound dampening underlayment material recommendation


Sound Control Flooring Systems - I need info for material recommended for sound dampening underlayment material to be installed atop concrete flooring & under ceramic tile. Our Condo Association requires but can't find source.


ANSWER - Beware that there are many thin underlayments sold as sound control mats for ceramic tile and stone installations that do not significantly reduce sound transmission under certain floor configurations.  The product data sheet for the sound control mats may show sound control performance values of a 50 STC and 50 IIC, but they may only be based on floors that have a suspended ceiling underneath and may not show any significant benefit if there isn't a suspended ceiling, which is the key to sound control for that application.

There are some cork and other sound control mats that are as thin as 1/2 inch that do claim that they can achieve the IIC of 50 and at 56 STC over an 8 inch thick suspended concrete slab.

There are other sound control systems that can achieve much hire ratings for either floor configuration, but will require thicker and more expensive floor configurations.  You should always be sure to work with a sound consultant or a tile consultant such as


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