My Travertine Floor Tile was subjected to a Leak will that cause problems?


We are building a house and the plumber turned the water on without checking to see if the main shut off valve was off to the house. Needless to say the pot filler in the kitchen was leaking and had leaked for approx. 12 hours. We have travertine floor installed in the kitchen the issue is that I'm afraid the water went under the flooring will this cause problems later on?


ANSWER - Travertine is a calcium precipitate from various types of mineral laden water sources.  It is commonly used in showers.  So water in itself doesn't harm it.     

Although depending on how the stone was installed and what underlying materials were used to install the stone, it is possible that under certain circumstances there can be potential issues.  If the stone was bonded to a wood subfloor then it is possible that the wood could warp and put a stress on the stone assembly.  It the travertine is bonded to a mortar bed or concrete substrate then it should not harm anything.

If the stone wasn't installed per industry standards and doesn't have any movement joints installed within the flooring that could cause stress to the stone if it expands from being subjected to the water.  If there are no resultant damages seen such as tile or grout cracking, then I wouldn't expect it to cause a problem later.

Some stones can get some discoloration after being subjected to a flood, which in some stones gives a yellowish cast from the iron oxide minerals in the stone or it might show some white efflorescence that precipitates from the evaporation of the water.  This can normally be easily cleaned if treated right away and if the water source is not a persistent condition.

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