Is there astm testing or a report on using talavera tile?


Talavera Tile use in Restaurant - Is there astm testing or a report on using talavera tile as backsplash for restaurant in kitchen?


ANSWER - Talavera tiles are typically glazed tile on a porous red body that is irregular in size with excessive warpage that doesn’t meet ANSI A137.1 standards. The products physical properties will vary depending on who and how it is manufactured.

There are tests to determine how stain and chemical resistant a glaze surface will be, which I think is probably the most important factor for a restaurant use in terms of making sure it is hygienic and easy to keep clean. The glaze on this type of tile is normally not real durable and will tend to chip and wear. There are hardness tests that can be performed, but I would expect the values to be low.

The tile has been used in restaurants before and gives a nice traditional Mexican look, and as it wears it adds to the character of the tile.

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