Is my Porcelain Tile strong enough to bear the weight of a heavy wood stove?


I am wanting to lay tile in our basement onto a concrete floor. I currently have an area of tile underneath our wood stove that I laid over 10 years ago ( I will have to remove this). My husband is concerned about the grade and strength of the ceramic tile I am interested in. I would like to lay something similar to Lowe's Natural Timber Porcelain Tile 6 x 24" by True Life but am not confident this will be strong enough to bear the weight of a heavy wood stove. Would this be strong enough grade? PEI rating listed as a 3 with breaking strength listed as 251-499 pounds. Thanks in advance!


ANSWER - If in fact the tile you are selecting is a porcelain tile with the physical properties as required in ANSI A137.1, and it is installed correctly, it should be suitable for bearing the weigh of a heavy wood stove.  Of course you need to carefully place the heavy wood stove on to the properly installed and properly cured tile floor.

Porcelain tiles should not have more than 0.50% absorption and they should have an average breaking strength of at least 275 lbf.  If the porcelain tile is installed properly on a properly prepared concrete substrate, and there are no voids within the thin-set mortar adhesive between the back of the tile and the concrete substrate, then the tile should be suitable for supporting the heavy wood stone on top of it.

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