Is Ceramic Tile a Good Choice for Sunrooms?


Ceramic Tile for Sunrooms - My question relates to a sunroom application. I'm wondering if it's OK to consider porcelain tile flooring for our new sunroom addition, which will be built over an existing concrete patio, but I believe without a concrete slab floor. I think we'd be having the floor installed over plywood.

We have tons of carpeting in the house and and tired of it; would love the look and feel of procelain tile in this scenario. Also considering electrically heated this a concern under these circumstances? Thank you!


ANSWER - Ceramic tile is perfect for sunrooms so you can benefit from the energy saving passive solar effect (Winter time allows sun to shine on the floor and absorb heat, then it is released at night. Summer time limits sun exposure so coolness absorbed at night can be released during the day).

It would be better if you were installing over a concrete substrate for more stability and more passive solar benefits, but a properly constructed wood subfloor will work too if the tile is installed correctly. The floor heating systems can be installed under the tile for this type of application. At the CTaSC website look under Expert Answers Resources for information on floor warming systems.  Good Luck!

3 thoughts on “Is Ceramic Tile a Good Choice for Sunrooms?

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    I loved reading this post. I’m truly a great fan of ceramic tile flooring in house. I think, tiled floor is surely the best way to have an enduring floor anywhere in the house. I have got ceramic tile flooring in my house. For me, it is quite easy to clean the mess on ceramic floors. There are other options available though, I personally like ceramic tiled floors as compared to porcelain, hardwood, etc. Once again thanks for sharing your thoughts on tile flooring.

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  2. Millie Hue says:

    Thanks for pointing out that the ceramic tile will be able to give you reduced energy bills because it has a passive solar effect. With that in mind, I will be selecting this kind of flooring to lessen the increase in our bills. This is because we will be adding a sunroom on our property which means that the AC unit and other electrical resources will be extended as well. So your tips will really be useful.

    • Donato Pompo says:

      Make sure that the sunroom is on the south side of the house so that it will get good sun exposure particularly in the winder so your tile floor will absorb the heat.

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