Install a glass tile boarder in the middle of bathroom wall


Glass Tile over Greenboard in Bathroom - I would like to install a glass tile boarder in the middle of my bathroom wall. There is no water there. It is greenboard. Will it stick to it and what should I use to connect to the wall. It would be in the place where a chairrail would be placed


ANSWER - Greenboard isn't acceptable for any shower or wet areas, but if it will not be subjected to any moisture you can bond to it with an ANSI A114.4 Modified thin-set mortar. Or you can use an organic mastic over greenboard. Just make sure the adhesive is suitable for the glass tile considering whether it is on a mesh or if it has a coating on its back or not. If the glass is translucent, then it is important to use a white adhesive and that the adhesive is applied uniformly flat to the back of the glass as any inconsistencies will show through. Good luck.

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