How to remove Sealer drip lines?


How to remove Sealer drip lines? I got Grout Sealer dripping lines on my Ceramic tiles. I did not know that the Grout sealer would cause under lines in my Ceramic tiles if I let it stay on them. I thought it was like any fluid that would easily wipe off. After showering the under streak lines became visible on the tiles as you let the shower area dry and then you look up at the tiles above the shower stall at a certain lighted angel and you can visibly notice the dripping streak lines left by the Grout Sealer.Then I purchased Grout and Haze remover and really rubbed it in hard to scrub them off and the streak lines appeared to have dissappeared but then again after taking a shower and letting the shower stall dry the lines were some what visible and still their. Then everytime after showering I have to rub the tiles down with this Haze remover and for that moment and before showering again it appears that the streaks or grout sealer stains are gone. But after a shower they show up after the shower stall dry
s, I need a product were I can pour it on a rag and carefully rub only the tile facing not the grout lines so that I can rub out these streaks that are somewhat etched into the tiles without damaging the grouted lines. What do you recomend?


ANSWER - It isn't clear what may have caused these streaks, or what your overall conditions are, so there are some different possibilities.
I assume you have a glazed ceramic tile in the shower.  Normally applying a penetrating type sealer for ceramic tile will not cause streaking.  When sealers are applied they should not be left wet on the tile, they should be wiped up right away with a lint free cloth.

I have seen some imported glazed wall tile that has some degree of porosity in its glaze and when subject to moisture can wet out the body of the tile to some degree. So perhaps the sealer penetrated into the body of the tile and part of it is absorbing and part isn't due to the sealer and that could possibly cause dark streaks where it absorbs.

I would apply more sealer of the same type and evenly apply it over the tile and wipe it dry with the lint free cloth to see if it takes away the streaks.  Test it out first to make sure it works.

Your descriptions of only seeing the streaks when the light hits the wall at certain angles reminds me of a condition called intent fracturing due to excessive shrinkage of the mortar setting bed beneath it.  You can't feel them and you can only see them from an angle and they can appear to be a dark streak.  This is caused by cracking in the setting bed that fractures the bottom of the tile but not the surface of the tile.   If this were the case then those tiles would have to be replaced.   Good Luck.

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