How to Remove Paint Overspray form Tile Floor?


How to Remove Paint Overspray form Tile Floor - Please help! We just closed on a new construction home with beautiful textured ceramic tile flooring. The painting contractor we hired to paint newly installed crown moulding sprayed latex paint. They covered the floor areas immediately adjacent to the walls but failed to protect the larger floor plan. Now there is a white haze on the floor, easily seen compared to the floor that was covered. There are also blotches of white clouds in many areas. It looks terrible and my wife is heartbroken. They want to send someone over to clean the floor but I'm afraid of doing even more damage before talking to a real professional. This is about 1,600 square feet of flooring.


ANSWER - If you have a glazed ceramic tile or an unglazed porcelain tile the latex paint should not be a problem to remove. It could be more problematic if you have a very porous unglazed tile, but it still should be cleanable without harming the tile.

Latex is water soluble so you should be able to clean the floor with a neutral base soap and water by scrubbing it with a soft bristle brush. Then use a wet/dry vacuum to pick up the residuals. Then clean the floor again with clean water to flush out any residuals, and use a wet/dry vacuum to pick up the residuals.

You should always test out your cleaning method in an inconspicuous spot on the floor to make sure the results are satisfactory.

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