How to remove heavy thick sealer from ceramic tile?


Removing Sealers - We have purchased an older home with ceramic tile that has been sealed with some heavy thick has worn off in places..and looks continuously dirty..I have tried Lowe's tile stripper and it comes off but with much pain and agony..and very slow tedious scraping..
Do you have any suggestions for a more user-friendly way to do this project..?
Thank you for your help.


ANSWER - Unless you know what brand and type of coating is on the existing tile surface you can only experiment to determine what will chemically remove the coating.  There are various manufacturers that make strippers for sealers and some may perform better than others.  You can find some of these manufacturers on our website in Expert Answers in the Resources column here: Cleaners and Sealers.

Beware that some of these strippers can damage the ceramic tile surface depending on the nature of that particular tile glaze.

Good Luck!

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