How to Clean Glazed Ceramic Tile Floor?


How to Clean Glazed Ceramic Tile - We just got glazed porcelain floor put down and I'm not sure how to clean them,we have small kids so they are dropping stuff on the floor so a quick clean up is needed almost everyday.My question is useing warm vinegar water will it dull my floor?and should I use a cloth mop or sponge?and can I use cleaners like Mr.Clean or pinesol?thank you


ANSWER - You should never use vinegar to clean tile because it is acidic and it is limited in what it can dissolve in the cleaning process. It doesn't attack grease.  Acidic cleaners can etch soft glazed tile surfaces, although glazed porcelain tiles are known to be very hard.  Vinegar diluted with water is an old method of cleaning cement haze off the surface of tile right after the tile was installed.

The best way to clean a tile floor is to use a scrub brush on an extended handle so you don't have to be on your hands and needs.  This method makes sure that textured surfaces and the grout are adequately cleaned.  Purchase a neutral based tile cleaner and add to your water.  Some types require rinsing and others don't.  Then use a wet and dry vacuum to pick up the dirty water.  This is an important step because quite often people leave the dirty water to dry on the tile and grout surface that causes it to turn grey and look dirty over time.  This cleaning method can be done weekly or monthly depending on the use of your tile floor.

Between the full cleaning process you can use a tile spray cleaner to clean up spots as necessary.

To make the tile floor have a less tendency to pick up dirt and to make it easier to clean, and to minimize grout staining you should apply a penetrating tile sealer to your clean floor.  Apply the sealer with a lint free cloth and within 10 minutes after applying it use another dry lint free cloth to buff it dry to avoid and tacky coatings.  Your glazed porcelain tile will not absorb much of the sealer so it doesn't take much.  You will have to reapply the sealer every 6 months or so depending on the use of your floor.  To find a selection of tile cleaners and sealers and where to buy them, go to our website and go to Expert Answers for Resources and then click on the Cleaners and Sealers option to find a list of manufacturers with links to their websites.  Good luck.

3 thoughts on “How to Clean Glazed Ceramic Tile Floor?

  1. Marcus Coons says:

    Thanks a lot for mentioning how the best way to clean tile is to use a scrub brush. It makes sense that you would need a tool like this if you want to get all the dirt from the spaces between your tiles. We need to clean our ceramic tile floors before selling our house, so I’m glad I found your page.

    • Donato Pompo says:

      There are different types of mops. It is best to use a lint-free mop or cloth so it doesn’t leave a trail of residuals from the cloth.

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