How to clean ceramic tile dulled from Zap Cleaner


Dull Tile from Cleaning - I would like to know if I can save the ceramic tiles that I have used Zap cleaner on. They are now dull and I would like to give them that shiny appearance again. Thank you.


ANSWER - I am not familiar with Zap Cleaner, but I did find a website for it that does not provide any product data on it. They just make claims but do not provide a MSDS and any other information or limitations.

I don't know what type of ceramic tile you have. If you have an unglazed tile with a sealer on it that makes it shine then the cleaner may have removed it or dulled it to some degree and should be able to be restored.

Most glazed tiles are resistant to many non-corrosive chemicals, but they are sensitive to strong acids. Some glaze tiles are even sensitive to alcohol or mild acids. These products can etch the surface of the tile so you will not be able to restore it.

I suggest you go to our website at to Expert Answers to find Resources and click on Cleaners and Sealers. Contact the companies that provide cleaners to see if they can help you determine what type of tile you have and what you might be able to do to restore the shiny look.

Good Luck!

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