How Should I clean and maintain my Limestone flooring?


Can you please recommend a cleaning product for Napolina limestone flooring? Thank you


ANSWER - Normally all you need to clean limestone or other types of natural stone is a neutral based cleaner or detergent.  It is recommended to purchase cleaners that are manufactured specifically for cleaning natural stone.  There are a number of different manufacturers who produce a number of different products.   For a list of some of manufactures who provide cleaners and sealers click here.

To clean the stone use a soft bristle scrub brush with an extended handle and a detergent diluted with water for cleaning. Scrub the floor, and then use a wet and dry vacuum to pick up the dirty water.  Then rinse the floor with clean water and then pick it up with a wet and dry vacuum.

NO ACID: Some people believe that acid can do more good than harm, but actually it is the other way around. Acid can etch the surface of the tile, and it can burn stains into the tile so they can never be removed. Also, acid does NOT remove grease or stains.

To make it easier to maintain the stone use a penetrating breathable sealer after the stone is clean and dry.  The sealer will make the stone more stain resistant and make it easier to clean.


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