How should I care for my Flamed Granite?


How should I care for my Flamed Granite? we are in the process of putting in granite tile in our back yard. this granite tile is flame finish. i was reading up on the flame finish tiles and wanted to know if this type of tile need to be wax. Isn't the reason for a flame finish is to prevent slips?


ANSWER - If you want a true flamed granite, you definitely don't want to use a wax. It would not be as slip resistant, it would not allow the stone to breath, and it would require a lot more maintenance.

When a granite is flamed it opens up the pores of the surface of the granite making it more susceptible to staining. You should seal it either with a penetrating sealer that does not affect the color or use an enhancing sealer that will give the stone more of a wet look that some prefer. For a list of websites of companies who sell sealers go to our website at to Expert Answers to find Resources and click on Cleaners and Sealers for a list of manufacturers with links to their website.

Note that textured stones are more slip resistant, but they will tend to get dirty and will require more frequent cleaning. You should use a scrubbing brush on an extended handle and either pick up the dirty water with a wet/dry vacuum or wash it down with a hose.

Of course the installation will only perform as well as it is installed. To make sure the stone is installed correctly refer to ourĀ Free installation guidelines.

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