How do I remove the Bleach Stain from my High Gloss Ceramic Tiles?


I stupidly put bleach on my bathroom floor which has a high-gloss black tile. Now it has large faded grey areas. Is there any way to fix this?


ANSWER - I will assume that you have a high gloss black glazed ceramic tile on your floor.

High gloss black glazes on tiles are normally softer glazes that will scratch easy and etch easy.   Etching is normally caused by the chemical sensitive glaze being subjected to an acidic chemical.

Bleach is suppose to be very basic or alkaline; the opposite of acidic.  It is considered hydrocyanic, which has very little to do with acidity or alkalinity processes, but helps to make it one of the strongest alkaline substances.

So if your glossy black tile is chemical sensitive, then it probably was etched by the bleach.  If that is the case, there isn't anything you can do to remediate it, as the glaze surface of the tile has been chemically altered.

2 thoughts on “How do I remove the Bleach Stain from my High Gloss Ceramic Tiles?

  1. Olga Keith says:

    I have white high gloss floor porcelain tiles with slight marble pattern where my cleaner dripped toilet bleach from her gloves which left trail of white drops like 50cent coins. How can I discise them? Please help
    Thanks Olga

    • Donato Pompo says:

      If the bleach stained or etched the tile you won’t be able to remove the stain. You will have to replace the tiles. If it is a polished tile then you can repolish it to remove the stains.

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