How do I remove a smudge on my new Granite Countertop?


I have new black granite countertops -- and after a couple weeks of use, there are smudges on the countertops that won't come out with basic granite cleaner. I have also tried dish soap and water as well as baking soda and water. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!


ANSWER - Many natural stones that are produced around the world are treated with a type of sealer to enhance the color of the stone.  If some type of solvent gets on the countertop e.g. nail polish remover or whatever, it can remove the enhancer.  This cannot be cleaned.  You will have to re-coat that spot with the enhancer.  Because this product or process isn't standardized you can't be sure what was used and it might not be readily available to a consumer.  You should go to the stone fabricator and ask them to repair it.

Another possibility, but less likely, is that the stone was etched with a strong acidic chemical or with a very high pH alkaline chemical.  One of the benefits of granite is that it is very chemical resistant.  Although there are occasions where companies sell products as granite, that look like granite, but are not true granite and may not be as chemical resistant.  In this case you can hire a professional stone restoration company to re-polish the countertop.  That is one of the benefits of natural stone is that you can grind and polish it to restore it like new.  There are polishing kits you can buy at tile and stone distribution locations or at home centers, but it is better to have a professional do it.

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