How do I grout Mural Tiles?


How do I grout a ceramic photo mural (fired tiles)? The tiles have been installed, so ready to grout. However, I want to make sure that the photo tiles are properly grouted to ensure the finished look is the same as the tiles were went they came out of the kiln. Some of the tiles have a glossy glaze, others a matt finish. The grout lines are 1/16". Protect the tiles first with sealant? then grout? use a process similar to icing? (the equivalent of a 'pastry bag'?)


ANSWER - First you need to make sure you are using a non-sanded grout, which is necessary for grout joint widths less than 1/8" wide or the grout won't fit in.  Sanded grout could scratch the tile surface if the glaze isn't hard enough.  I assume this is for a wall application.

If the glazed mural tiles have microscopic pores then they could stain from the grouting process if the grout is a contrasting color.  In this case you should use a grout release or a tile and grout sealer that is recommended for this application.  If you use a sealer then make sure you quickly wipe it dry with a clean lint free cloth so you leave any excess on the tile surface.

With a 1/16" thick grout joint a grout bag won't be an effective way to grout.  You should use a hard rubber grout float and force the grout into the joint so that it will fill the entire depth of the grout joint.



2 thoughts on “How do I grout Mural Tiles?

  1. Anne Smee says:

    I am looking to purchase unsanded grout to put up some mural tiles. Would you be able to tell me where I can purchase this product. I live in Cornwall and have tried all the usual DIY stores.

    • Donato Pompo says:

      Unsanded cementitious grout is a common product and you should be able to purchase it at a Home Depot or Lowes. Most tile and stone distributors typically stock unsanded grouts.

      Keep in mind that unsanded/non-sanded grouts are only recommended for grout joints that are 1/8″ wide of less. Sanded grouts are recommended for 1/8″ wide or larger. The 1/8″ width is an overlap indicating either type will work. If you used unsanded grouts in larger joints it would have a propensity to crack. If you used sanded grouts in smaller joints it wouldn’t fit.

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