How do I get the shine back on a glazed floor tile?


How do i get the shine back on a glazed tile floor?


ANSWER - If it is a true glazed ceramic tile then the surface is a fired on glass-like material.  If it originally had a sheen to it and is no longer there then it must have worn off or someone used an acidic solution that etched the tile surface.  There is nothing you can do to restore that finish.  Although you might be able to apply a wax or a surface sealer of some sort to give it a shine, but it will wear off and require regular maintenance to maintain it.

If you have an unglazed tile with a sealer on it that has worn off, then you can reseal it.  You may need to strip the old sealer off before you apply the new sealer.

If you have a polished porcelain tile or a polished natural stone that has lost its sheen, they can be re-polished by a professional stone restoration company.

2 thoughts on “How do I get the shine back on a glazed floor tile?

  1. Tina says:

    I have white porcelain tile installed 2 months ago. It started showing wear in the center of the tiles within two weeks. It seems to be in the high traffic areas. The glaze is wearing off, and it can be felt with the hand. Dirt seems to be embedding itself in it and some tiles can not be cleaned of this dirt. Why is the glaze wearing off?

    • Donato Pompo says:

      Normally glazed porcelain tiles are fairly durable in terms of wear. If it were an unglazed (throughbody) porcelain tile it should be very durable as well.

      There are limits to everything so depending on what kind of traffic it is being subjected and to what extent it is possible to cause wear, but not normally within 2 months.

      Perhaps there is a sealer coating on the tile that is wearing? If it is an unglazed porcelain tile it is possible to re-hone the surface to make it smooth, but you need to further investigate it first to determine if that is possible.

      Perhaps this isn’t a porcelain tile or a Chinese tile that doesn’t meet the USA porcelain standards.

      For cleaning, generally speaking if you use a detergent with a scrub brush and it should clean up any embedded dirt. Use a wet vacuum to pick up the dirty water.

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