How can I Polish my Marble Tile to get a good Shine?


i have fixed 4" black marble on the corners of the room but unable to get shine of that marble after polishing. how to get shine of those pieces.


ANSWER - Assuming when you say marble that it is a true calcium carbonate marble you can buy kits with diamond pads and a powder compound with water to re-polish a marble that has scratches and stains.  Marbles are much more sensitive to scratching and to etching from acidic substances, and require re-polishing from time to time.

If you have a granite or quartzite then you need to use just the diamond pads with water.  There are a series of diamond pads that you use in sequence from very abrasive to lightly abrasive like sand paper.

There are professional stone restoration companies who specialize in restoring stone floors.

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