How can I determine if my toilet is leaking on my ceramic tile?


Hi, my house was built in 2012, I have ceramic tile flooring in the second floor bathroom, I've started to notice that the grout lines are looking wet around the toilet base. One of the tiles also appears to be sweating. beside the toilet on the same side as the water turn off tap. Is there any way to determine that a slow leak is occurring without pulling the toilet? I am assuming that they have used the right sized flange. Do you think there's a strong likelihood that the wax ring is worn out? If I shut the water down at the turn off for a week would that provide any clues? I was wondering if there are any water detecting diagnostics available? Thanks


ANSWER - Chances are your toilet is leaking at the wax ring because it got off-set over time as it was being used.

If the water tank was leaking you should be able to see water running along the sides of the toilet beneath the tank.  If a water inlet pipe was leaking it should be we at the connection and along the water line.

The only way for water to get out otherwise is at the base of the toilet where it sits on the wax ring.  The only way to fix it is to get another was ring.  Maybe two wax rings because sometimes the plumbing flange isn't up high enough and you need an extra wax ring to make up the difference.

You should not delay in getting this fixed.  Water coming out of the plumbing is contaminated category 3 water that can be unhealthy.  Plus the water can migrate into other areas causing collateral damage.   Call a plumber to fix it.

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