Does Temperature Variation Cause Ceramic Tile Debonding?


Does Temperature variation cause Ceramic Tile Debonding? - Is extreme temperature variation needed to cause debonding of ceramic floor tiles or can sufficient movement occure within a cliamte controlled building to cause debonding.


ANSWER - Ceramic Tile debonding is always due to compounding deficiencies.  The primary deficiency is an inadequate bond that can be due to a variety of reasons.  Movement then can compound the condition as the deficient tile bond is limited in how much stress it can resist.  Temperature is only one type of potential movement within the tile and its assembly that can lead to stress.  There is also moisture movement that causes expansion and stress, and there are dynamic structural movements that can lead to stress.  Further compounding this condition can be the lack of movement joints to relieve some of the stress.

We do have a lot of experience at investigating tile debonding situations, including performing laboratory testing to substantiate or to further understand the factors that have led to the debonding.  For more information on our forensic services please visit our website at

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