Can Lappato Porcelain Tiles be Sealed?


We have just purchased a 3 year old display home that has never been lived in. The floor tiles are Guocera Gres Glazed Porcelain Tiles 298x600x10mm. We have been told they are lappato tiles. The tiles are terribly stained and appear to be getting worse. The builder has offered to have tiles cleaned for us but my question is will the stains return, because a couple that we have cleaned are showing signs of returning. Can Lappato tiles be sealed? Look forward to our advice.


ANSWER -  You say you have a glazed porcelain tile.  A glazed tile has a glass-like substance fired on the clay bond surface.

You then say the tiles are lappato tiles.  Lappato normally means that you have an unglazed, also known as a through body, porcelain body tile that has been semi-polished.

Glazed tiles are impervious and they don't need to be sealed to prevent staining.  They can be sealed to aid in maintenance.

A semi-polished tile can be sealed, but it too is impervious.  I can stain from micro pores it has where stains can be trapped in those pores.  Sealing the tile will help keep it from staining and will help maintaining it too.  Although if the tile isn't cleaned timely with the correct cleaners, and if it isn't resealed timely it can stain.

Visit the website Resource listings for references to manufacturers of sealers.

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