Can you darken saltillo tiles that haven't been sealed?


Staining Saltillo Pavers - Can you darken saltillo tiles that haven't been sealed? We would like a richer color than the salmon.


ANSWER - If the Saltillo pavers are unsealed and porous you can stain them. You can stain them another color or use an enhancer to just darken the natural color. Some of these products also seal the tile at the same time.

Go to Cleaners and Sealers on our website at I think that Aqua Mix and Scofield products have stains or enhancers for that application; some of the other companies may have them too.

Good Luck!

2 thoughts on “Can you darken saltillo tiles that haven’t been sealed?

    • Donato Pompo says:

      If you are sealing the pavers you normally would also want to seal the grout as well. If you are referring to only staining the tile and not the grout, then you have to tape the grout to try to keep it from getting the stain on it, which makes the whole process of staining the tile much more tedious and take a lot longer to do.

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