Can I Use a Sealer To Change Tile Color?


Changing the Color - I have on my kitchen floor Mexican tile that is a traditional brown/orange color. I would like to change to color to gray. Is it possible to do this by use of a gray sealer or otherwise?


ANSWER - It is possible to change the color of your tile if it is a porous unglazed tile (same material from top to bottom), and not a glazed tile (glass like coating on surface).

Assuming it is an unglazed tile that has previously been sealed; you have to strip the sealer from the tile by using one of the products from a sealer company (see resource section on this website for names of sealing manufacturers).  Once the tile is very porous then you can use a tile or concrete stain, which some of the sealer companies also have.  The stain might also be a sealer or you may have to seal it with another product after you stain it.  Be sure to test it out on a sample first to make sure it is acceptable to you.

Good Luck!

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