Can I secure tiles directly onto formica counter top?


Installing over Formica - I wish to cover my formica counter tops with 12" x 12" marble tiles. Question. Can I secure the tiles directly onto the formica and if so, what adhesive do you recommend?


ANSWERS - There are epoxy adhesives that will allow you to bond ceramic tile directly to Formica, but that application is not recommended by industry standards. Of course if the Formica ever comes loose so does everything else.  There are some alterations that would have to be made if your existing edges are round.  You would have to scarify the surface of the Formica first to remove any bond breakers.

It would be best to take a cementitious backer board and glue and screw if over the Formica, per the backer board's instructions, and then install the marble on to the backer board with a modified thin-set that meets ANSI A118.4.  Good Luck!

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