Can I install ceramic tile or stone outside in Northwest Ohio?


Using Ceramic Tile or Stone outside - I would love to install ceramic tile on my existing concrete front porch. However am not sure if the Northwest Ohio weather in winter we have is a good idea to use ceramic tile? do you know of a good tile? what type of grout you use...or even IF this is a thinkable idea?


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  1. Deb S says:

    I would like the answer to this also. I live in Ohio and would like to use ceramic tile on my concrete porch. Will this survive our winters and what type of grout or cement should be used?

    • Donato Pompo says:

      If you use the an appropriate tile and install it correctly you can install tile on a concrete porch considering your freeze-thaw climate.

      Use a porcelain body tile that has a slip resistant surface. You don’t want it too textured or it will be a maintenance problem. Slip resistant tiles are not slip proof, so like on any exterior surface you have to take reasonable care.

      The is only as good as it is installed. Assuming the concrete is on a slab on-ground. I would clean the concrete and scarify it. The apply a liquid applied waterproof/crack isolation membrane. Then adhere the tile with a quality polymer modified thin-set mortar. The grout with a polymer modified cementitious grout or an epoxy grout suitable for exterior applications.

      Be sure to have appropriate movement joints at the transitions and every 8 to 12 feet in each direction. I would go with a single source system from one the major manufacturer’s of installation products for tile that will provide a 25 year labor and material warranty. Such as Custom Building Products, Laticrete, Mapei, TEC, Bostik,

      Also very important is to use a qualified tile installer who knows and follows the industry installation standards. The installers should be ITS Verified through UofCTS at

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