Can I install a Marble Tile on a Kitchen Counter top?


Can I install a Marble Tile on a Kitchen Counter top? - I would like to use marble flooring tile for my kitchen counter tops. My house contractor, told me that they would work but I would need to seal the tiles and the grout. I have NO idea what to use...or if I really need to. Web sites were conflicted on that point. I plan to use forrest green honed marble (12x12) tiles.


ANSWER - No problem using a stone tile on a kitchen counter top. Marble is normally avoided on kitchen counter tops because although marble is dense it is very chemical sensitive and can easily stain and etch. You can seal the marble to make it more resistant to staining, but it doesn't protect it from etching.

Green marbles normally are a serpentine marble and they tend to be moisture sensitive and may require an epoxy adhesive for bonding to the counter top substrate.

Better to use a granite or soap stone for counter tops.

All stones are different to some degree so you can test them to see how sensitive they are to various foods and liquids. Good luck.

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