What is the best way to clean my Ceramic Tile Floor?


My Ceramic Tile floor has gotten discolored and dingy looking. I use a steam mop every week to clean it (along with a floor cleaner) and have bought SO MANY cleaners to try to get the grayish, dingy color removed. The only thing that worked the best was ammonia or straight bleach and I cannot tolerate the fumes no matter how many fans are going or windows are opened. I was only able to clean a small section - and that was scrubbing each tile. I now have a cabinet full of cleaners that don't work. Any suggestions?


ANSWER - The best way to clean a ceramic tile floor is to purchase a neutral based cleaner/detergent and apply it to the floor.  Let it sit for 10 minutes or so.  Then use a scrub brush on an extended handle, that won't harm the tile surface, and scrub the tile floor.  Then use a wet vacuum to pick up the dirty water.  Then rinse the floor with clean water.  Then vacuum the rinse water up with the wet vacuum.  Buff the floor dry with a lint free cloth.

If you apply a penetrating sealer over the floor that is recommended for your tile, that can help keep the tile cleaner and make it easier to clean the tile.

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