Best method or tools to use to cut a large curve around a bathtub?


Cutting Tile Curve - I would appreciate some advise on the best method or tools to use to cut a large curve around a bathtub. I am planning to use 12" x 12" ceramic tiles. I would like to install them without moulding. All of the tile saws I have are straight line cutters. What can I buy rent to cut a curve from a template?


ANSWER - There are several options you have for cutting a curve in a stone. Some will set up a template to give the kind of radius you need and then cut each tile on the wet saw to fit that respect section of the template. With experience you can mark your stone and cut a curve by slowing turning it as you cut. Then you stone the edge to smooth it out.

Some will install the stone first and let it fully set up, and then come back with a Makita grinder with a diamond 4" blade on it and cut it along the template. Have to make sure it is well bonded before you start cutting the stone or you can vibrate it loose.

Either way if you have an exposed edge you need to polish it to make sure it looks acceptable.

For a perfect job you can go to a stone fabricator who has a waterjet and cut it in the shop, if you provide them shop drawings or a template. Remember garbage in = garbage out, so measure twice and cut once. The fabricator could then polish the edges in the shop to get the best affect.

Of course, nothing like having the experience of doing it before to avoid the learning curve.

Good Luck!

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