Any suggestions for wear on Ceramic Tile Surface?


Wearing on Ceramic Tile Surface - I have a white marbleized tile (gray and beige tones underneath) throughout my home except for the bedrooms. The kitchen tiles seem to be wearing away. There are gray spots showing especially around the edges, but also in the center of some tiles. I have had the floor professionally cleaned, but the spots are still there. Any suggestions of repair or replacement without having to do the entire house. The house is an "open plan" with a great room.


ANSWER - I am assuming you have a glazed tile floor.  Your description sounds like the glaze is wearing off, which isn't normal.  If it is a good residential glazed floor tile the glaze should never wear off unless it is being abused.  It could be that the wearing is occurring on high points of the tile surface. This could be caused by having chairs with wheels rolling over the floor without have a protective mat down.  I have seen where the older floor vacuums can it the high points of the tile and cause wearing.

If in fact the glaze is wearing then you can get some epoxy paint that matches the color and paint over it.  You can remove those tiles and reinstall some sort of an contrasting accent or decorative tile that will not look out of place.  Good luck.

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