Any advice on Metal Tiles over cooktop?


Metal Tile - I would like to use metallic tile on the wall over my cooktop. I have narrowed it down to either 1)what looks like a ceramic tile glazed with a metallic glaze (this one happens to be from Am Olean) or the real metal-infused tile that is made by companies like Questech. How can I tell if I will have trouble with the metallic part of the tile melting due to the heat from the gas cooktop?
Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.


Metal tiles are relatively new, so there isn't a lot of experience with them.  Metal glazed ceramic tiles have been around for awhile, but they may have changed over the years.

Either one should not be affected by household heat, but be sure to check out the manufacturer's written recommendations and limitations.  The ceramic tiles are fired at about 1200 degrees F or more and the metal tiles are probably made at relatively high temperatures.

Metal glazes have been known to be easy to scratch and might me sensitive to acidic material.  The metal tiles have been known to scratch and dent since they are hollow inside.

Again be sure you have the manufacturer's recommendations and limitations in writing and only use the product according to their recommendations.

Good Luck!

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