Ceramic Tile, Glass Tile and Stone Training: Avoid Costly Problems with Continued Education

by Donato Pompo, CTC, CMR, CSI, CDT, MBA

– Floor Covering Installer, July/August 2015 

As is true for so many products, ceramic tile, glass tile and stone are only as good as how they are installed. For that reason it is important tile installers know and keep up with industry standards, and strictly follow product manufacturers’ directions.

Not unlike doctors, attorneys, accountants and other professionals, tile installers must keep up with industry standards and other changes within the industry. This requires each professional to commit time each year for continued education training. Industry standards are created by a consensus group of tile installers, manufacturers, architects and engineers, scientists and industry consultants. Standards are established to prevent reoccurring problems. If installers are not familiar with the standards they are not fully equipped to avoid these potential problems. Click here for article.