Tile Trends

Are you getting as excited about Coverings as we are? Our review of 2023 tile trends keeps building our anticipation of the show — so let’s check out another!

From high-end homes to hospitality interiors, darker hues are being used to give spaces a sense of modern elegance and edginess. Dark interiors can be calming and alluring, making you want to stay a while. You can use dark tile to punctuate a single surface or to darken an entire zone — either way, it’ll effectively set a mood.

Popular options include inky blues, gunmetal grays, deep forest greens and jet blacks. Whatever you choose, darkening decor is sure to bring the drama.

Dark Tiled Feature Wall

Feature walls are perhaps the most popular space to use dark tile. Even if only on a single wall, it’s enough to set the vibe for an entire space.

Dark stone-look tile feature wall

For example, the dark stone-look feature wall in this shop creates a classic backdrop against which the colorful flowers pop. (Irregular hex tiles add an element of playfulness, too!)

Black textured tile feature wall

Here’s another dark tile feature wall, in a moody, sophisticated bedroom. This glossy black tile, made to look like bubble wrap, turns this room into a cozy, cave-like sleeping quarter with a playful twist.

Dark Tiled Fireplace

We love dark fireplace tile for the contrast it creates against the bright flames of a roaring (or flickering) fire.

Fireplace surround with black mosaic tile

A matte black mosaic tile fireplace surround adds elegance to this upscale living room, and dark distressed tile flooring completes the look.

Black tile grid above a fireplace

As this example shows, dark tile and light tile can play well off of each other to accentuate a design feature.

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Dark Tile Floor

Flooring is another excellent application for dark tile. Dark floor tile immediately makes a space more inviting and cozy.

Black marble-look living room tile flooring

Black marble-look tile flooring takes this space from underwhelming to striking.

Dark gray large-format floor tiles

Large-format charcoal gray floor tiles create a perfect backdrop for modern decor elements (and these dimensional hex tiles) to pop against.

Black stone-look tile flooring with red-brown veining
Dark granite-look tile flooring with multicolor veining

Moody stone-look flooring is a perfect grounding element for a bright, elegant living space.

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Dark Kitchen Tile

Kitchen with brown porcelain tile floor

Homeowners and designers alike are moving away from the white-on-white kitchen. We spend so much time there, it should be comfortable, inviting, and a reflection of the homeowner — not like every other kitchen on the block.

This kitchen features a minky brown porcelain tile floor that will stand up to the demands of a family and also be easy to maintain.

Dark Tiled Backsplash

Green tile backsplash in a vertical offset layout

Want to add a touch of drama to a smaller area? Dark backsplash tile is the answer. Even the smallest backsplash can be a striking focal point with dark tile.

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Dark Tiled Island

Island front with blue hex tile to match the wall behind

Island fronts are another opportune surface for dark-colored tile. In the kitchen above, navy blue hexagon tiles contrast the island with the kitchen floor, and also intermixed with white hexagons to enliven the back wall.

Dark Tiled Bathroom

Dark tile can take your bathroom from merely functional to tour-worthy. Spaces such as these you’ll want to show off.

Bathroom with black marble-look walls and flooring

The black marble-look tile in this bathroom provides a solid visual foundation for a colorful recessed vanity area. The dark tile, brass finishes, and fishscale tiles are a glamorous combination.

Dark gray stone-look bathroom tile flooring

For a slightly less dramatic but equally effective look, opt for dark stone-look flooring to contrast the rest of your bathroom finishes.

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Dark Shower Tile

Shower with dark mosaic tile flooring

Don’t want to use dark tile throughout your entire bathroom? Consider using it to delineate your shower. A dark tile shower can have a calming effect, helping you to relax as you wash the day away.

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Dark Pool Tiles

Pool surround with large-format stone-look tile

What better contrast to the shining sun and bright blue skies than a dreamy dark tile pool surround? This gray stone-look tile brings the grandeur of a remote natural park to a minimal backyard pool.

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Elevate Your Space With Dark Tile

With these dark tile designs to choose from, the future of your interior decor looks bright — or at least very interesting.

On that note, we’ll leave you to ponder which of these designs would look best in your home. Just remember to check back next week for our final 2023 tile trend!

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