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Blush at the thought! Consumers aren’t being shy about a desire for a fresh start this year. Interior designers and manufacturers are answering the call with a fresh take on a warm neutral: blush. Sherwin-Williams has selected a blush hue as its 2023 color of the year. Likewise, Farrow & Ball, the iconic wallpaper and paint brand has issued 11 new colors — their first new colors in four years — and three of the 11 fall solidly in the blush hue. And, we’ve seen other big brands, such as Valspar and Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart, identifying blush as a major decor inspiration.

We couldn’t be happier about blush’s rising popularity. A versatile tone that blends the grounded coziness of earth tones with the energetic playfulness of pink, it transitions well from winter to spring (and back again).

Somehow both statement-producing and understated, sophisticated and snug, blush is beautifully expressed in ceramic tile.

Rather than continue to sing its praise, we’ll let you see for yourself. Here are some of our favorite places to use blush tile as well as some potential designs to explore.

Where to Use Blush Tile

The easy answer is “everywhere,” but here are some of the best places to show off this trending color in your tile projects.

Blush Kitchen Tiles

textured black and blush tile backsplash
These blush kitchen tiles are paired with black tile and dark countertops for a contemporary look.

Blush tiles can be used throughout your kitchen, including on a backsplash, flooring, or even your countertops.

Blush Backsplash Tile

maroon, orange, white and blush tile backsplash
Put your trendy tile design front and center with a blush tile backsplash.

backsplash is an ideal place to show off any beautiful tile —right where everyone is sure to see (and admire) it.

This backsplash features orange, maroon and white tiles to accent the blush tiles and create a medley of earth tones in a mini tile grid.

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Blush Wall Tiles

blush tile backsplash in a terrazzo look
This feature wall combines a random arrangement of cream, gray and blush wall tiles in terrazzo looks and patterned designs.

If a backsplash doesn’t provide quite enough space to show off your blush tiles, expand into a full feature wall. Blush wall tiles are also the perfect alternative to paint or wallpaper for an accent wall to create a pop of color — you get all the statement, plus the durability and low-maintenance of ceramic tile.

Blush Floor Tiles

This herringbone design incorporates different blush tones that range from pale blush pink floor tiles to a complementary shade of coral blush floor tiles.

Blush floor tile can create a sophisticated neutral base as well as a playful, one-of-a-kind look — just check out the option above.

Blush Bathroom Tile

How many shades of blush can you spot in this blush tile bathroom? We spy two shades in a contemporary vertical stacked subway tile design.

What better place to surround yourself with the soothing energy of blush tones than the bathroom? Blush bathroom tiles are a beautiful and smart choice for areas exposed to moisture, such as bathroom backsplashesshowerscountertops, and floors.

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Blush Outdoor Tile

This indoor-outdoor space features two different shades of blush tile: a blush pink option for the wall and a more neutral blush for the pavers. 

Take blush tiles from indoors to outdoors for flooring, pavers, walls, outdoor kitchens and more.

Blush Tile Designs We Love

Now that you have an idea of where to use your blush tile, what design should you go with?

Don’t worry, we have a few ideas to get you started.

Blush Subway Tile

An expansive feature wall with white and blush subway tile steals the show in this restaurant.

One of the best things about subway tile is the potential for creative alterations. For example, you could stack the tiles, lay them horizontally rather than vertically, or even mix up the colors.

Or do all of the above, which is exactly what this gorgeous blush pink subway tile wall illustrates.

Blush Pink Herringbone Tiles

Blush herringbone tiles make a major design impact in this space.

There’s something retro about blush pink herringbone tiles, and we absolutely love it. From the delicious  shade to the zigzag design, we can’t imagine a more dynamic feature wall.

Blush Terrazzo Tiles

blush tile in a terrazzo look
This living room juxtaposes modern and traditional designs with blush terrazzo tiles for the flooring and wainscoting for the walls.

You may be used to terrazzo in more natural, subdued shades, but ceramic tile terrazzo looks are increasingly getting more playful with fun colors and different-sized chips. Take for instance, these stunning blush terrazzo tiles.

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Blush Hexagon Tile

blush hexagon tile
Blush pink hexagon tiles lend additional creativity to an already playful hex design.

We didn’t think hexagon tile could get any better, until the potential for blush pink hexagon tiles dawned on us. These large hex tiles sport a more neutral blush tone for earthy warmth.

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Blush Mosaic Tiles

mosaic blush tile
Blush mosaic tiles in various shapes combine to create a unique geometric pattern.

Sometimes, going small actually makes a bigger design impact, and that’s exactly the case with these blush pink mosaic tiles.

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Blush Zellige Tile

zellige blush tile
Blush zellige tile pairs well with other neutral shades and the variations in each tile add subtle interest.

If an organic vibe is more fitting with your personal aesthetic and existing decor, consider blush zellige tile. Zellige tile is handmade, giving each tile individual characteristics and color variations.

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Patterned Blush Tile

patterned blush tile wall
This blush pattern gives a handmade look.

Add additional visual interest to your blush tile with a pattern. Options range from florals to graphic designs.

Blush Gauged Porcelain Tile

blush tile wall in a stone look
Gauged porcelain tile panels in a blush stone look combine for a soft, biophilic pairing.

Gauged porcelain tile panels create a bigger canvas for your blush tile. With slabs as large as 10 x 15 feet, gauged porcelain tile offers more space to show off your blush design.

Textured Blush Tile

3D blush tile wall
 This textured blush tile features subtle ribbons/slats to make the design stand out (literally).

The perfect blush hue may already make your tile pop, and if you’re seeking an even more attention-grabbing look, go with textured tile.

Neutral Blush Tile

neutral blush tile bathroom wall
Variegation helps show off the blush undertones of this bathroom tile.

If pink blush tiles aren’t for you, keep in mind that more neutral options abound. Blush neutrals can make any space feel inviting and cozy.

Blush Grout

Blush grout and a blush vessel sink play well together in this bathroom.

Thinking you won’t go with blush pink tiles after all? There’s still an opportunity to incorporate blush into your tile design — with grout! Blush grout levels up what might otherwise be a snoozy s design.

Tile That’ll Have You Blushing

What’s not to love about tile that’ll add some color to your home…and your cheeks?

We hope you’ve found the perfect blush tile design for your space. Visit our Pinterest board to explore even more ideas.