Tile Trends

It’s our third week celebrating National Tile Day and counting down to Coverings.

This is a long-time favorite, so we’ll cut right to the chase: Our third tile trend for 2023 is cemented looks.

If you’re getting deja vu, it’s because cement-look tile was trending in 2020 as well. But while 2020’s trend focused on the industrial-chic vibe of cement looks, 2023 is all about the versatility of cement looks.

For example, cement-look tile may feature a worn patina look or it can appear to be layered, sanded, or tinted. You’ll find cement looks in large-format tile, mosaics—and every size in between—with textured surfaces and color variations.

As a result, cement looks are suitable for a wide range of applications, from bustling corner cafes to serene spa-like garden spaces. They can bring visual harmony to a space and still evoke a raw urban energy.

Let’s take a peak at some of your many options with cement looks.

Large-Format Cement-Look Porcelain

Cement-look porcelain tile with “scraped” linear striations 

We’ll start with what’s perhaps the most popular option for concrete looks: large format porcelain.

Cement looks and gauged porcelain are a match made in heaven for anyone seeking a minimalist, industrial vibe.

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Mosaic Cement-Look Tile

Mosaic cement-look tile feature wall

Just as you can go big with cement looks, you can also go small. Mosaic options add visual interest to an otherwise understated style.

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Cement-Look ​​Tile Pavers

Cement-look tile pavers

The versatile installation options of porcelain tile pavers allow you to install with traditional methods, on risers, or even on the ground as the photo above illustrates.

Whitewash​​ed Cement-Look Tile

White cement-look tile outdoor flooring

Cement looks can also be tinted with different colors. For a clean, energizing feel, these white cemented designs do the job.

Earthy Cement-Look Tile

Cement-look tile with a rustic finish

Beige cement-look tile with a worn design, on the other hand, gives urban designs an earthy feeling.

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Brown Cement-Look Tile

Cement-look tile tinted brown

To add some depth to your installation, opt for tinted cement-look tile in a more dramatic shade. The deep brown earth tone in this example adds much-needed warmth.

Multicolor Cement-Look Tile

Multicolor cement-look tile 

Of course, you can always opt for a cement design that incorporates multiple colors. These square tiles add color-blocked shapes into the mix for a chic contemporary vibe.

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Textured Cement-Look Tile

Cement-look tile in cream with a textured finish

Cement has a distinct texture, so why shouldn’t cement-look tile as well? As this example proves, texture can add interest to even the simplest of designs.

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Variegated Cement-Look Tile

Gray cement-look tile with color variegation

Give the industrial appearance of cement looks an organic touch with color variegation. Subtle color variegation looks right at home in cement looks!

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Cement-Look Tile: Concretely Stylish

Well, this style has officially cemented its place in today’s top tile trends. Are you incorporating cement looks into your space?

Of course, it never hurts to continue exploring your options. We have four more trends to highlight as we count down to Coverings, so be sure to check our blog again next week!

Are you part of the tile and stone industry? Come see these and more cement tile looks on display at Coverings 2023 from April 18-21 in Orlando, Florida.

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