Why you need to learn how to install gauged porcelain tile slabs/panels

by Donato Pompo, CTC, CMR, CSI, CDT, MBA

– TileLetter, November 2017 –

Gauged porcelain tile panels/slabs are the latest and greatest buzz in the tile industry. As an installer that’s all you needed, right – one more tile to learn how to install plus the need to buy a whole new set of tools? Read article here.

2 thoughts on “Why you need to learn how to install gauged porcelain tile slabs/panels

  1. PAUL BECKWITH says:

    We have a porch that has a polised tile and it is slippery. We want to replace the tile on the concrete porch with a slip resistant porcelain tile. this are get wet in the rain even though it is a covered porch. Can you advise should I use a sealer before putting down the bonding agent. If yes can you advise what to use and were it might be purchased?

    • Donato Pompo says:

      Ceramic Porcelain floor tiles are normally rated to determine if they meet the minimum coefficient of frication for various applications. Typically tiles that are more slip resistant have more texture. Although no tile is anti-slip or slip proof.

      Generally speaking the more texture the tile has the more slip resistant it will be, but it will also be more difficult to keep clean to some degree.

      There is some new slip resistant technologies that provide reasonable slip resistance but is relatively easy to maintain. One technology is called StepWise by DalTile.

      Whether you are adhering the new tile over the old tile or removing the old tile and bonding to the concrete slab, NEVER use a sealer as it can act as a bond breaker. You need to remove all of the old tile and adhesive and scarify the concrete slab so it readily absorbs water. Then use an ANSI A118.4 or ANSI A118.15 polymer modified thin-set mortar to bond the tile to the concrete. Closely follow the manufacturer’s directions for installing the tile. You can buy these products at any tile distributor or home center.

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